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We are recognized as one of the leading child care providers in the Beach Cities of Orange County, California.  Our child care center is designed to comprehensively address your child’s learning needs. We provide a number of child care programs, depending on the biological age of your child.



6 Weeks To 24 Months

These early months are crucial for cognitive, sensory, and motor skill development, all of which best occurs in an atmosphere of safe, warm, loving trust. Our caregiver’s first objective is to nurture those bonds by responding to each child’s needs as they arise. Feeling comforted and confident, your child will venture forward to explore their brave new world.


18 Months to 36 Months

Active toddlers experience meteoric cognitive and motor-skill growth during their time in our customized, toddler-safe Mesa Verde Preschool classrooms. In this program, you’ll witness him or her becoming more independent, self-reliant, and socially adept. More importantly, they will develop the confidence to follow the path of his curiosity and embrace a love of learning.


One of the unique features of Mesa Verde Preschool is multi-age classrooms. Older students model appropriate behavior and guide their younger peers, all while making academic advancements of their own. Studies have shown that this type of environment provides a solid academic basis as well as exceptional social skills that prepare children well for kindergarten.


Dance Company

Through creative movement, Dance, Gymanstics, Cheer and Yoga, WEBBY Dance Company provides children the opportunity to build self-confidence, creativity and coordination. WEBBY classes are conveniently held on-site each week at Mesa Verde Preschool. Enroll today and come join the fun!


Not every family needs a full-time, five-day program. Some parents require only a few days to cover gaps in care, or prefer shorter hours to ease a younger child into the school transition. Whether you’re seeking only a few days or a few hours of child care? Check out our flexible programs, available as half-day, full-day, or with extended care.


When school isn’t in session, academic skills can slide. Stay off that “summer slide” with MVP’s summer program, designed to keep your children engaged and learning during the long, lazy months. Books, music, sports, cooking, water games… your children will never get bored during MVP’s summer program designed with the perfect mix of structure and fun.

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