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Trained and experienced teachers are the foundation of an effective environment at Mesa Verde Preschool. Our teachers have been rigorously trained beyond their studies in the early childhood education, philosophy, principles, and method. They guide children in self-discovered learning through observation, influence, and encouragement to promote development of mind, body, and spirit. Teachers adjust to each individual child’s learning pace and needs, guiding students to explore new topics and accept new challenges. Our teachers’ firm, supportive, and kind demeanor is the key to the success of MVP. They serve as role models of warmth, kindness, peace, and respect, setting clear and consistent challenges in a positive and supportive environment.

At Mesa Verde Preschool, we pride ourselves on hiring a highly experienced staff. Not only are they school educated teachers, they have also had additional higher education and participate in ongoing teacher training and credentialing. Our diverse, international preschool environment is truly a great place for children to learn and grow under the guidance of experienced mentors. All teachers at MVP work together in teams to ensure each classroom environment stimulates and motivates the children’s absorbent minds.



Christina Guerrero

Christina studied at Orange Coast College and earned a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She went into teaching because she loved working with the kids at her church while growing up and wanted to continue working with them in her adult life. Now having taught for 22 years she is the Director of Mesa Verde Preschool and still loves working with children and being the start of their education. Knowing that a part of what she has taught them will stay with them forever.

Infant  Teacher
Kirara Alfaro

Kiara is currently studying at Santa Ana College where she is working on her Associates in Psychology degree. She has worked with children for many years as a nanny and is now working for the first time in a preschool setting.  She got into teaching to help children in their younger years of exploring the big world. She loves working with children because they have such an adorable innocent curiosity about the world around them.


Infant Teacher
Shelby Marini

Shelby studied at Laguna Technical College and earned a certificate in Early Childhood Education. Since graduating she has been teaching for 20 years. She became a teacher because she loves watching the excitement in a child when they learn (achieving) something new and has continued to teach because she loves babies and watching them grow.


Toddler Teacher
Denise Osborne

Denise studied at Goldenwest College and California State University, Fullerton. She has earned an Associates and Bachelors in Early Childhood Education  and has been teaching for 23 years. She became a teacher because she wanted to help children find their joy in learning and challenging their abilities. She loves teaching because it fosters curiosity , encourages asking questions and there is always something new to explore .


Preschool /Pre-K Teacher
Alex Arreola

Alex has studied at Orange Coast College and has earned an Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education, an Associate in Science in Fashion Design and a certificate in Social Media Strategist. Teaching was something he actually fell into and immediately fell in love with. After having taught for 11 years the thing he loves most is encouraging each child to use their voice, teaching each child empathy and responsibility, helping them use their voice for the good of the community.


Maryel Gonzalez

Maryel studied at Santa Ana College and earned an Associates in Arts degree. In her 15 years of teaching she has worked with children from infants to 8th grade. She went into teaching to inspire young minds. Her nurturing and patience has allowed her to thrive in education. 


Substitute Teachers Aid
Angel Marini Jr.

Angel graduated from Columbia College of Missouri and Laguna Tech with a BA in History & Early Childhood Education. He's a father of 5 and has been working with children professionally for 2 years. He decided to go into teaching because of his passion for children. His favorite thing is seeing a child’s face light up with amazement when they discover something new. 


Substitute Teacher
Gina Gasparian

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