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Learning and fun don’t end when summer comes! Here at Mesa Verde Preschool we extend the educational experience into the hot months of school vacation.

MVP offers your child the kind of creative, loving, open classroom experience that teaches self-reliance, critical thinking, healthy collaboration, initiative, independence, and a love of learning. Extending that experience over the summer months helps eliminate the summer learning loss (also known as the “summer setback” or the “summer slide”) that many children experience between grades. These learning setbacks can amount to a month of achievement scores in math and reading. Educators note that offering engaging options for students over the summer months helps mitigate those educational losses. 

MVP is uniquely qualified to offer the perfect mix of education and fun. Enrollment in MVP summer program will help keep your child mentally, socially, and developmentally stimulated. To this end, Mesa Verde Preschool summer program integrates a wide variety of special activities to keep the curriculum lively and fresh. These include:

  • Splash Days: Fun with water! 

  • Cooking Days: Food Preparation, baking and Creating Healthy Snacks.

  • Special Guest Speakers: We have special guests, organizations and community leaders such as those from the music industry, professional's, local police officers, firefighters, emergency first responders, etc.

  • Music Days: Sing, Dance and Move. Often times we have special musical guests come to MVP to share their talents and interact with our students by performing and integrating world cultures and other topics relating to the theme of the month. 

If you’re considering enrolling your child in Mesa Verde Preschool in the fall, signing up for a part-time summer program may be the ideal way to gently ease their transition to full-time classes. They’ll have fun, learn the ropes, and become accustomed to the teachers and classroom long before that Dreaded First Day. 

Interested? Call us today to make an appointment for a tour. We’re convinced you’ll agree that there’s no better place for a kid to learn and have fun than with us at Mesa Verde Preschool.

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