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Preschool &Pre-K

When a preschooler enters Mesa Verde Preschool, they will be experiencing a critical period in their early academic life. They will develop in leaps and bounds in a wide variety of academic subjects. Surrounded by language, your child’s vocabulary will expand exponentially, as will the complexity of their sentences and the breadth of their oral and reading comprehension. They’ll embrace ever-more-complex mathematical concepts and discover new interests in the greater world as they explore facets of science, art, and more.

Here at MVP, we have five general areas in which we hone your child’s development and start introducing them to the greater world:


Practical Life

Practical Life activities in a preschool classroom develop care for the environment and encourage motor skills, social skills, and self confidence. With this kind of confidence, children are eager to begin to problem solve in many different situations, which is a key academic and life skill they need as they grow older. A few examples of practical life work are washing hands, manners training, dressing and buttoning skills, and more. Learning to take care of one’s own needs is the first step toward self-reliance, confidence, and independence.

Language and Reading

Language and Reading activities include pre-writing and pre-reading skills and are based on the phonics method of reading development. Pre-writing activities are things like tracing sandpaper letters and numbers, using tongs to transfer small items, and arts and crafts. Pre-reading activities include listening to stories, handling books, learning the letters of the alphabet, and learning the sounds each letter makes. Teachers use songs, movement, direct instruction and one-on-one time with students to help children gain understanding in the language and reading category.


Sensorial exercises allow children to apply their senses to learn about the world. The specially designed materials help the child to distinguish, categorize, and compare different heights, lengths, weights, colors, shapes, sounds, temperatures, and textures. Attractive materials on the shelves engage children’s attention and ensure their full concentration on the learning activity. The sensorial category of work is an extension of what other types of classrooms call “hands-on” learning.


Our well-crafted math manipulatives are geared toward multi-level learning. Your student will learn counting, pattern recognition, simple addition and subtraction, shapes, relative sizes, money, telling time, and, as they grow older, simple concepts of symbols, place value, etc.

Cultural Studies:

Geography, History, Science, Music, Art and Spanish

Cultural Studies are very important at Mesa Verde Preschool. Each unit, theme, and material is designed to inspire a sense of appreciation of the the planet and the world’s many cultures. Children learn country names, flags, maps, and holiday celebrations from all around the world through songs, dance, food, art, books, and pictures. The student body at MVP is internationally diverse, leading to children learning about other cultures and languages organically through their own social interactions. MVP offers Spanish lessons, opening children’s linguistic horizons even further.


In Science activities, we have a goal to introduce your child to the greater world, we embrace topics like the study of the universe, the environment, animals and plants, and life sciences. Children differentiate between living and non-living things and animals and plants. The children plant their own seeds and plants each year and get a chance to care for and observe the plants. They participate in cooking days and perform personal experiments from day to day with materials like activity dough, water, liquid droppers, and paint. 

Take a look at the curriculum and daily schedule.

Curious to learn more?

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