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6 Weeks to 24 Months

When it comes to the care of infants and our infant program, we at Mesa Verde Preschool (MVP) know that your fundamental concern is for the safety, comfort, and loving care of your children. We treat your babies with as much compassion as if they were our very own. By placing them in the arms of our joyful, experienced caregivers, in an environment designed to be a home-away-from-home, you’re offering your children a world full of opportunities for play, wonder, as well as cognitive, sensory, and motor skill development.

In our infant program, we focus on three basic tenets of early educational development. The first is to instill in your children a sense of warmth, safety, and security in their new environment. The second is to nurture trust between the children and caregivers by fulfilling the babies’ and older infants with the most basic needs in a timely and loving manner. The third is to help them explore their new world in a way that will encourage their ever-maturing sensory, cognitive, and motor-skill development.

When it comes to helping your child feel welcome and confident in their new environment, safety is the first priority. One visit to our facilities and any concerns you may have will be put at ease. Here are just a few of the ways we keep your new born baby and our infants happy, healthy, and safe:

  • Our classrooms are dedicated to specific age groups. This allows us to choose only the toys that are certified safe, engaging, and developmentally sound, as well as to modify the space appropriately

  • MVP has strict policies and procedures when it comes to cleanliness and health issues. We require every parent to observe our focus on Infant Safety in regards to materials that are safe to be kept in the crib with a sleeping baby. Our goal is to protect every child and reduce the spread of illness.

  • Every teacher is trained and certified in First Aid as well as infant and child CPR.

  • Every classroom has at least two teachers so that there’s always someone monitoring the napping children as well as the active ones.

When it comes to developing a strong and trusting bond between child and caregiver, our teachers are experts. The daily schedule takes into account the needs of each individual child and is modified as they mature into new developmental stages. Our teachers understand the importance of interpersonal engagement in the development of young minds. Trained as keen observers, they’ll notice subtle shifts in mood that may indicate the need for a nap, a change of diaper, or a snack, and react to them to pre-empt frustration. When infants and toddlers feel as safe and loved as if they were in their own home, then they have the confidence to venture out to play and wander with joy.

Curious to learn more?

Call us today to arrange for a tour and speak to our teachers about whether MVP’s infant program is right for your child.

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