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Welcome to Mesa Verde Preschool. Here, we strive to help all families find high-quality, affordable full-time or part-time programs. Our goal is to keep your children engaged, happy, focused, and learning during their time with us, no matter how brief. MVP offers part-time options for children from infancy to Pre-kindergarten. 

You have the option to enroll your child for a 3, 4, or 5 day program and whether your child is a full-day or part-day student, attends every day of the week or only two or three days, your child will have an opportunity to work with professional Certified and Trained teachers. Those teachers will develop a specialized curriculum tailored to the developmental needs of your individual child, from infant up to Pre-kindergarten.

Here we focus on child-centered learning, so your children are sure to enjoy every moment they spend playing in our wide-open schoolrooms. Every classroom is designed specifically for the age group assigned, so the tables and chairs are appropriately-sized, and all the educational toys are within his or her reach. Here, the children rule the roost in the best of ways, with the teachers as advisers and guides. The toys themselves are handcrafted and designed to encourage a joy of learning. 

If your children have never attended a daycare, MVP's part-time care option is also a gentle, encouraging way to ease your younger children into the daycare or upcoming school year experience. You can start them on the three- or four-day half-day program before transitioning them into full-time daycare when your work schedule or their school schedule requires it. It’s a great way to get the hours you need to get your work done while allowing your children to immerse themselves in a happy, orderly, encouraging educational experience.

Interested in our part-time daycare options? Call us at Mesa Verde Preschool to arrange a tour and learn more about our programs.

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